I am allergic to my job

Yesterday started out as a pretty typical day, rushed with a million things to do. I started out with some of the cereal that I made into muesli with no success. But, as a cereal, it rocks! So, as promised the brand name is Dorset Cereals and I had the supercranberry flavor.  It is loaded up with grains, fruits and nuts and is really satisfying. I had some with milk and didn’t even think about food until 4 hours later.

mmmm...new cereal

mmmm...new cereal

Once I got to work, the world turned upside down and I wasn’t able to get one thing of my “normal” job done. The club was recently stricken with more sad news and everyone was in panic mode about how to respond. The Pro’s father died after a long battle with cancer and we wanted to be respectful but some of the club founding members wanted to cross the line into being tacky. All morning long, I sat in T’s office or she was in mine discussing the matter. And to makes matter worse, we fired our off site IT dude and I had to handle all that comes with that. By 11:00, I was ready for a snack so I had a banana and then I found out a new IT dude was coming and I had to show him around and tell him all of our problems so I decided to order some lunch.

Staff lunch wasn’t up to my liking today so I had the chef whip me up something nice. He knows what I like, so I can generally trust him with this request and yesterday was no different. He made me a greek salad with spring mix, chicken, tomatoes, olives and feta and of course a slice of whole wheat toast on the side. We recently switched to Rudi’s organic which I like but I really miss that other bread. The salad was killer. Too bad I only got in a couple bites before IT dude arrived.  About an hour later, he was all set up and to a point that he didn’t need me anymore and was able to get back to my salad.

greek salad

greek salad

After I finished, I had to spend the rest of the afternoon giving the grand tour and discussing all of our IT issues. We have alot, our last guy wasn’t really up to par. No pun intended. By the time I was finished, it was time for me to head out. I had a much anticipated doctor appointment. I have been having terrible headaches, ear aches and jaw pain for quite some time. I have also been getting sinus infection after sinus infection. Come to find out, I have occupational Rhinitis. Yep, I am allergic to my job. Well, grass actually. The doc thinks that with all of the special grasses here there is just something that doesn’t mix well with me. And since the grass is cut everyday here and I come into contact with it everyday, there isn’t a really stellar solution. He gave me a very strong antibiotic and a steroid shot to make my nasal passages stonger and to ease some of the inflammation in my ears, jaws and sinuses. I also have to start taking yet another med everyday for allergies after I finish the anitbiotic. Fun stuff.

After I got that great news, I headed to the grocery store and then home. Once home, I made pesto with whole wheat raviolis, this was at the dear husband’s request. I also made small salads with lettuce mix, local tomatoes and goat cheese, I skipped the oil this time and just had some rice vinegar. It turned out to be a wonderful meal. How can you go wrong with all that cheese?

goat cheese

goat cheese

pesto rocks

pesto rocks

After dinner, I took the new antibiotic and it made me very ill. I was on the verge of vomiting most of the night and had some dizziness and vertigo. All normal side effects as this baby is super strong. Thank goodness I only have to take it for five days! I trotted off to bed soon because those gross feelings were just getting to me. I needed the rest, I suppose.

 OK, and here is a new feature I would like to start. A QOTD (question of the day): Are you a natural exerciser or is it something you have to make yourself do? If it doesn’t come naturally to you, how do you just get it done?


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  1. I hope you don’t feel crappy for the next five days!
    I like your question! When I started exercising (seven years ago) I was not at all a natural exerciser. I played sports when I was a kid but stopped after high school. I only started, actually, because they had tanning beds there. Ha!
    After all this time, though, exercise is something I LOVE. It takes time but it does become a habit, as long as you do something you actually enjoy.
    There are always days I don’t feel like going. It happens about once a week. What I do is tell myself: “You’ve never regretted going to the gym, but when you’ve skipped a day, you always regret it!” I can’t stand sitting at home and feeling bad for not going. It ruins my night! So when I start getting those thoughts of skipping the gym, that’s when I just strap on my shoes and get in the car. The hardest part is getting there. Then, once I’m there, I tell myself I can do 15 minutes if that’s all I want to do. That never happens, because once I’m there I start getting into it.
    I know that was a really long response, but I appreciate how hard it is to get going with exercise and I’m passionate about it. Please let me know if you have any questions! Good luck, and start small!

  2. Thanks for your response, Erin! I really like yoga, walking, sometimes running and hiking. But even with those, I can make a million and one excuses not to do any of it. I like the thing you tell youself, I need to try that next time (probably tomorrow) when I am ready to bail on exercise.

  3. I’ve never heard of that cereal before – sounds good!!

    Oh goodness, I’m TERRIBLY sorry that you’ve had to endure all that at work, and now with your new antibiotic – hopefully things will improve!! I’m praying that they will!! Stay strong!!

    I’m definitely a natural exerciser – I do kickboxing every morning, full-body stretch routines every afternoon, strength-train once per week, and have dance practice 5-6 days per week, for several hours.

  4. i adore pesto – i highly recommend the cashew basil pesto from ED&BV, it’s differen and great. such a nice chef you have at work!

    i’ve never been a very keen exerciser, but joining the gym made it a lot more appealing – i think i tend to do much better once i have it in a routine, and doing it regularly – if i take a break for too many days in a row its really hard to get back into the rhythm.

  5. Hi! I love your blog, and decided to finally comment 🙂 I was active playing lots of sports when I was younger, but as an adult I would not say I am a natural exerciser. As I am trying to find a healthy balance of eating well and exercising I have found what works for me.

    Although I have times when I love going to the gym and doing hard workouts, that doesn’t seem to my norm. I do love to walk with some jogging. I go most mornings with my youngest son because he is up early and always wants to come. I have finally come to a place where I am okay with that. I used to feel like if I didn’t burn at least 500 calories per workout, then it was a waste. Now I realize that my walks may not be as intense as my gym workouts (although I go for 1 hour and really “power” walk), but it is what I can do and keep doing. It starts my day out well, and is healthy- that is what I truly want.

    I think the best thing for me was to stop beating myself up about not being who I thought I should be (someone who loved the gym, dropping my kids of in the child care for 2 hours, and working out like crazy). I enjoy me early morning exercise with my son, so that is what I do!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe you went through all that and still had the time and energy to make dinner and blog. Impressive.

    It’s pretty natural to me; I’ve always liked working out. But some days I definitely have to talk myself into it!

  7. Thanks for all the awesome responses! At least now I know that everyone needs a little pep talk from time to time.

  8. Sorry about your allergies–that really makes work difficult. I had the same problem when I worked at Starbucks years ago. It gave me hives for some reason.

    As for exercise, I grew up lazy. I did zero exercise, unless you count walking to the kitchen to get a can of pringles, or playing Super Mario Bros. I started working out in college to lose weight, and I’ve been doing it ever sense for about 9 or 10 years. Some years I go hog wild, and work out 5-6 days per week (back when I was skinny), but now it’s more like 3-4 days a week, and not as intense.

    I’m also almost back up to my highest weight, which sucks as*.

    I like to work out because I always feel like I’ve accomplished something. The problem is, intense exercise now has major dread factor for me. But gentle workouts, like yoga, don’t seem as satisfying. I don’t know what I want to do.

  9. K, have you ever tried vinyasa yoga? It is much more intense than hatha? It gets the heart pumping and the sweat rolling. I don’t like slow paced yoga either, my mind wanders too much. But with vinyasa, I get a good workout AND the meditation.

  10. I find that nice weather will often motivate me to take a walk outside. But other than that, I find it hard to get myself to exercise, so these suggestions are great!

  11. pesto does rock!

  12. The only yoga I’ve done is at home via videos, and it wasn’t vinyasa. I’m thinking that once school starts I may see if my university has some yoga classes avail.

  13. Are the ravioli homemade?

    Great question. I was always active with dancing and cheerleading, then, like many, I went to college and stopped moving my body. I didn’t gain a lot of weight or anything, but I missed being active so I started going to the gym for the first time and started running – something I thought I would never do because of asthma. Then I began practicing yoga. Now it’s a natural part of my life and would feel weird if I could exercise. Even on days I take off from formal exercise I don’t fall asleep as well – extra energy, I guess.

    What about you?

  14. I am not a natural exerciser….at all. I have to force myself almost always. Some days, it is easier than others but even going to my favorite yoga class is a battle in my head. I hope to one day really just WANT to do it. Until then, I will forge ahead and fake it until I make it.

  15. oh an ha! No the ravioli is not homemade, it is the burtoni brand.

  16. awww sounds like a crazy day at work! i hope it gets better and i hope your allergies subside!!!

    as for exercising it really depends on the day… i love spinning so that isnt a struggle but when i go to do elliptical or treadmill i dread that more so i try to make it as fun and interesting as possible (varying resistance, etc) 🙂

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