It’s a celebration

Every morning for the past few mornings, I have been trying to wake up at 5:00 am in order to hit the treadmill before work. And for the past few mornings, I just haven’t been able to do it. It’s like my exercise mojo has been lost….again. So, instead of starting my day with exercise, I started it with a bowl of hot grain cereal, wheatberries, oats and bulgur. I added some local blackberries and some almond butter. Boy, I am really liking these blackberries! I had a small glass of milk along side to wash down my vitamins and medicine.



After breakfast, I headed to work for another fun filled day in golf world. Things have really slowed down for us, thank goodness, so I am trying to get all caught up before we pick back up in September. I stayed busy for a good part of the morning and was able to get a lot of things done. Around 10, I had a banana and then around 11:30, I went out to pick up celebration sushi. Yesterday was my one year anniversary with golf world and T and I will use any ole excuse to eat sushi. We each got a kryptonite roll and shared some dumpling soup. This is the best sushi, ever. We don’t eat it often because it is really spendy but today we were celebrating.

dumpling soup

dumpling soup

celebration sushi!

celebration sushi!


I worked a little late because I had a therapy session and didn’t really have time to go home first. Therapy was awesome, I hadn’t had such an intense session in a long time. We talked about how I am starting to feel rebellion against not eating until full anymore. She wondered if maybe I am sabotaging my own happiness by holding myself back from attaining my goal. I have lived a hard and interesting life and have finally found happiness in my present circumstances, all except my weight. She and I both wonder what is holding me back from really getting to where I want to be. I’ve got lots of work to do to find out.

After therapy, I came home to snobby joes and salad. Dear husband had pulled the snobby joe sauce from the freezer and heated it up in the microwave. We had them in whole wheat wraps with mozzarella cheese and grainy mustard. I actually think it was better this time than last! This recipe is a keeper for sure!

A couple hours after dinner, I was hungry again. It truly amazes what a difference smaller meals makes in my hunger level. I had a bowl of the chocolate hazelnut biscotti cereal again, it was so tasty. And for those wondering, this cereal comes from Target. It is the Archers Farms brand and there is a whole section of fun cereals made my them. They are nutrionally sound, whole grains, ingredients you recognize and have something for everyone.



Shortly after the cereal, I headed off to bed. I needed my beauty sleep!

12 Responses

  1. Blackberries + snobby joes + chocolate-hazelnut biscotti cereal = so much deliciousness. Yum!!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Hooray for celebration sushi! That’s the best way to celebrate. 🙂

    Sounds like you’re doing a little soul searching…it’s not easy work, but it’ll pay off.

  3. Yesterday was a delcious day!!

    I have been in therapy for about 1.5 years now and the soul searching has been abundent. I’m really determined to get the bottom of my food issues and hope to be able to help others along the way.

  4. hooooooooooray for 1 year! and what tasty looking sushi, too! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  5. Congrats on 1 year! And yay for sushi!

    I thought it was cool that you had your snobby joes in wraps, not rolls. They look delicious and I definitely want to try them!

  6. Im all about the celebration sashimi.

    I swear were I a billionaires Id do it daily.
    and the therapy? the soulsearching? the selfprobing?

    SO TIRING and SO WORTH IT huh?


  7. Gotta love sushi and what a great way to celebrate! I am loving blackberries right now as well. Although, my picking spot is no longer producing berries… I’m sad but I did think ahead and freeze some!!

  8. I wish I liked fish, so I could enjoy sushi.

    Thanks for sharing. I think it’s interesting that so many food/body issues have nothing to do with food/body issues at all. Great for you for working on it.

    – Heather

  9. What time do you usually wake up? I get up at 6 and I’m working towards 5, too! Do you have any recommendations? I’m thinking 15 minute increments. 🙂

  10. Erin, I wish I knew the secret to geting up early. I’m not good at it….at all. That 15 minute thing might work though. Now, I get up at 6 but should get up at 5:45 and to work out, i need to get up at 5. I’ll get there. But being sick since I wanted to start hasn’t really helped, either.

  11. I’m sorry you’ve been under the weather! 😦 I thought of you this morning because I woke up naturally at 5:00 (no idea why)! Have a great day!

  12. It seems like everyone has been eating sushi lately but me! I really need to get on that. I think I’m heading over to target later today to get some more mini clif bars so maybe I’ll check that cereal out—it sounds so good!

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