Fun Food Day

Yesterday was a really good day.I had decided after a long week on wanting to diet that I need to really just start keeping my portions in check. To accomplish this, I decided that I would try eating until “not hungry” instead of to “full”. I was a little nervous about the results but here is how it went.

I woke up early and ate breakfast almost right away. I had made some muelsi the night before with Bob’s Red Mill Muesli, a very ripe nectarine and some greek yogurt. When I was ready to eat it, I added some ground flax seed, a little milk to thin it out and topped it with some local strawberry jam. Oh, it was oh so good, I think muesli may be one of my new favorite summertime breakfasts! I ate really really slow, something that is REALLY new to me. About two thirds of they way threw, I decided I wasn’t hungry anymore and I stopped eating.



About 30 minutes later, my stomach was growling again so I drank a big glass of water to see if it was just thirst. Ten minutes later, it was growling again. Ok, so my experiment wasn’t going as well as I had planned. I needed to have a little something more. The muesli wasn’t an option as Georgy, one of our cats, had had a few bites. So, I put about a teaspoon of almond butter on a slice of whole wheat bread and had that. That seemed to do the trick, at least for a while.

breakfast number two

breakfast number two

After my two breakfasts, we headed out to Ukrops to do some grocery shopping. It has a starbucks inside so, of course, we got some lattes. Today, I had another tall vanilla latte, I seem to be addicted to those things lately! There is something so perfectly delicious about them.

I can't get enough of these

I can't get enough of these

We took our time and loaded our cart with all sorts of goodness. We bought some local peaches, tomatoes, blackberries and green peppers. That is one of the reasons why I like Ukrops, they always have local food available. We took the groceries home and discovered that our little Georgy likes a little local tomato with his muesli. He had noshed on a good portion of this poor tomato! Into the compost pile it went 😦

yes, the cat did that

yes, the cat did that

After we put the groceries away we decidedto head out to lunch. We went to another on of our favorite places, the Central Park Deli. They are New York deli right in our backyard. The food is ALWAYS good and every time I go, I have a hard time deciding what to get. One of my favorite things about the place is that they bring the most fabulous dill pickles to the table as soon as you sit down. I have a hard time not eating the whole bowl! I also have a hard time deciding what to get. Yesterday, I debated between the veggie sub or the chicken cordon blue. I ended up picking the cordon blue on wheat along with an order of steak fries for the dear husband and I to share. As expected, it was fantastic. I had maybe two thirds of the sandwich and a few of the fries. Which is less than what I would have eaten in the past. I left feeling satisfied from the meal but not heavy and bloated. I think I ate just the right amount.

the best pickles on earth

the best pickles on earth

steak fries

steak fries

doesn't that look good?

doesn't that look good?

After lunch, we headed out jean shopping. As every woman knows, this is a task that could drive anyone over the edge. Luckily, at the fourth store, I endedup with two pairs that I like and that fit very well. Once I had the jeans, we hurried home to get ready for my friend Beth’s birthday party. I couldn’t wait because I knew there would be tons of good food there.  It was a pot luck and that always means plentiful and interesing eats.

When we arrived, I started with a small glass of wine called Jerimiah from Rockbridge, a winery in the mountains of VA. This particular wine brings back tons of memories for Beth and I so I thought it would be fun to bring it along. After the first glass and some catching up with so many people that I hadn’t seen in years, I had another small glass. In total, I probably had about 5 ounces of wine. Since I don’t drink much anymore, this had me a little tispy and I was ready for some food. All of the food looked so yummy but I knew that I didn’t want to over do it. I filled my plate with just the things that I really wanted and didn’t heap on the portions. I had a hot dog with ketchup and mustard, some baked beans, a deviled egg, a litle fruit and mint salad, and a good size portion of the salad I brought along. It had mixed greens, dried cranberries, walnuts, crumbled goat cheese and some maple balsamic vinaigrette by Maple Farms of Vermont.

potlucks are the best

potlucks are the best

All of the food was awesome and I ate very slowly, pausing between bites and putting my fork down. I realized I was “not hungry” anymore after about two thirds of my plate. This was seeming to be a trend. I am sure had I finished the plate, I would have been full. I was proud of myself, I made it through a party without stuffing myself silly. About an hour or so later, Beth’s dad told me that I had to try the cheese dip and since I am a cheese lover, I knew he was right. I smeared a little of the dip on a piece of crostini and ate half and handed the other half to dear husband. Sorry for the lack of picture, it was kind of a spontaneous thing. The dip was awesome but I did the right thing and didn’t continue eating it because I wasn’t hungry.

After some hanging out and catching up with old friends, it was time for birthday cake. But this cake wasn’t just any ole birthday cake, it was a 7-up cake turned fabulous berry cake. I had never had 7-up cake but everyone was telling me how awesome it was. The cake was very dense pound cake with berries and whipped cream. Dear husband and I shared a slice and it was so good. The outside edges of the cake had this crsipy caramalizedcrust on it that I think I could have eaten all day long.  Oh, my and the way it melded with the berries and whipped cream was divine. But keeping true to my new form, I did not stuff myself. I had a few nice bites and stopped.

heaven on earth

heaven on earth

Shortly after cake, we said our goodbyes and headed home. It had been a long day and we were both exhausted. Once home, the dear husband did some man things around the house and I read for a bit.  It had been an awesome day and I was ready for a good nights sleep.


9 Responses

  1. this approach to “dieting” is so great to read – i feel a little off track myself and want to do it the right way, like this, when i get back to london – good luck!

  2. I love the idea of adding strawberry jam to the muesli – yum!! ANd that cake is absolutely stunning.

    Sounds like you’re doing well with intuitive eating so far – keep it up!! :0)

  3. Looks like you had a great day. I like steak fries with malt vinegar. Also, that cake is quite pretty!

    – Heather

  4. It takes awhile to figure out the whole eating enough to be full but not too full. You’ll get the hang of it. 🙂

    That cake looks awesome!

    Hilarious that your cat is a healthy eater, btw 🙂

  5. I am also trying to teach myself to eat until I am satisfied, because even though I am a slow eater, I eat until I am full.

  6. !!

    babysteps to full on intuitive eating:

    About two thirds of they way threw, I decided I wasn’t hungry anymore and I stopped eating.

    youre on your way….


  8. Of course, my love. I can’t wait to do it again soon!

  9. oh man, your muesli sounds goooood! and Georgy is too funny eating your foods! sounds like you’re practing some “mindful eating”. i’ve been trying to do this lately, too. i’ll admit that putting down my fork between bites is hard, but i’m trying hard and remembering to do it each time.

    you’re so right – potlucks are the best! and that cake looks scrumptious, indeed!

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