The Great Kitty Rescue (Part 2)

What a day it was yesterday! The morning started out fine, even though I was worried about our kitty friend. I had my typical breakfast with a twist. I had the oats, bulgur, wheatberries and flax seed but I had some PB & CO dark chocolate dreams peanut butter and raspberries on top! It was pretty tasty. I can see myself getting really hooked on that peanut butter.

a new twist on breakfast

a new twist on breakfast

When I got to work, everyone was in a panic; the internet was down. I reset the server, router and modem and nothing changed so I had to call our provider. The ensured me they would be out before noon to fix the problem. Besides all of the inquiries about the internet, I was able to really get alot of work done. We were joking that The Pro had cut the lines to see in productivity increased. Around mid morning, I felt pretty hungry so I had a Target brand granola bar. I don’t have any pics because I left my camera at home (bad food blogger!). And for lunch I wanted to escape the madness so I offered to go pickup sushi. I had a shrimp dynomyte roll, a fresh veggie spring roll and couple bites of waldorf salad.

After lunch, I was able to get all my little piles of work caught up and head out on time. I went to my second bikram yoga class. This time, I was able to do more and the heat was more tolerable. The rivers of sweat pouring out of my arms, legs and head didn’t shock me as much. I made it through all of the standing poses without resting but some of the floor poses made me dizzy. One thing I noticed was that I would feel that way mostly after drinking water. Next time, I am going to try my best to avoid drinking during the class. For kicks, I wore my heart rate monitor watch and I burned almost 650 calories which is pretty impressive. When I left, I felt really good but exhausted.

When I got in the car, I called dear husband. He had taken our new kitty friend to the vet and I wanted the scoop. And guess what. She is well, no kitty diseases but she is also pregnant. Yes, thats right, pregnant. The vet warned us that our male cat may have trouble getting along with her and that he may kill the babies! If anyone has any advice on how we can avoid this, I would really appreciate it. So, this is the best pic I could get of her, she would stay still long enough for me to get a good shot. She looks kinda wild but she really is cute!

not the best pic but she is still cute

not the best pic but she is still cute

When I got home, I heated up some snobby joe’s that I had cooked on the weekend and topped them with provolone cheese and yellow mustard. I wrapped it all up in a whole wheat wrap and served it with salad topped with oil and vinegar. It was good, tasted like a bean buritto. The dear husband really enjoyed them as well.

snobby joes

snobby joes

After dinner, I had a major sweet tooth so I had a bowl of oatmeal chocolate hazelnut biscotti ceral (from Target) with some milk. It really hit the spot but I wasn’t able to finish the bowl. Shortly after the cereal, I was off to bed, it had been a really long day!

a sweet treat

a sweet treat


9 Responses

  1. hooray for her having a clean bill of health! and i hope you all find some wonderful loving home for all of her babies. i have never heard of male cats doing that before – i think the babies will be just fine! 😀 that’s so wonderful that you’ve adopted her!

  2. Sounds like a busy day, for sure!!

    Aww, so glad that the cat is okay; and she’ll be a mom soon!! How exciting!! :0)

  3. Wow, sounds like you’re going to have a kitty adventure soon. Nothing like adopting a cat and getting a whole litter. 🙂

    She’s a cutie!!!

  4. I’m glad the kitten is okay – I’ve never had to deal with that, so I’m not sure what the best thing is re: the pregnancy/male cat issues.

    Do you like the choco pb? I’ve seen it a LOT and have kept myself from buying it, but it always sounds SO good.

    They also have a cinnamon raisin one and some kind of white chocolate, I think.

  5. Hi Brandi! Nice to “see” you on my blog 🙂

    I do like the choco PB, it is really tasty. Tastes like a resses PB cup. DH likes it on bread with cherry jam, he says it tastes like a chocolate covered cherry!

  6. does your white bowl have a handle? lol

  7. Ha! Sharon, yes it has a handle. It is corning ware so you can bake and microwave it. I like it because it isn’t as big as my regular soup/cereal bowls but it isn’t as small as the little brown bowls I have.

  8. Great photos!

    My cat can’t have kittens so I can’t really help you with that…Do you think you will sell the kittens?

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