Hump Day!

Finally, I had a no rush morning. Everything seemed to go smoothly even though I had to prepare breakfast from scratch. I forgot to pull more oats out of our deep freezer that lives in the outdoor storage. So instead of the usual mixed grain hot cereal, I made a bowl of old rashioned rolled oats with milk instead of water. I mixed in some ground flax seed and topped it with a banana and some almond butter. It was so good! I love making rolled oats with milk, they are so creamy that way.

banana overboard

banana overboard

When I got to work, I was pleasantly surprised at my low level inbox. I was able to work at a nice tolerable pace and not feel stressed and over worked. Though I was working at a slower pace, the morning still flew by. I had my hummus and cukes since I am so stuck on that lately. I really love hummus. Anyway, about an hour after the snack I was ready for lunch and I had the same as yesterday. An egg salad sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato and a stoneyfield farms low fat strawberry yogurt. When I decided to use the olive oil mayo in the egg salad, I was nervous but it is pleasantly almost the same! much can I cram is my lunch bag? much can I cram is my lunch bag?

After lunch, I had a homemade latte with espresso, milk and cinnamon and today it really hit the spot. The afternoon went by just as quickly as the morning had; before I knew it, it was go time. I had an appointment after work so dear husband was in charge of dinner. When dear husband is in charge, frozen pizza it is. We buy the archers farm brand from target, they have extra thin crust so the calories aren’t as high as a regular frozen pizza and they are yummy. They have a few varities and tonight we had pepperoni along with a green salad with oil and vinegar. I was pretty hungry so I ate two slices. So good and just the right amount of fun food.

junk food

fun food

After dinner, we went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. We only did one loop plus a couple extra laps around two of the cul-de-sacs. Dear husband did not wear his GPS but I think it should be almost 2 miles. Once we finished our walk, we setttled in for a little television and then to bed we went. Another day awaits.

7 Responses

  1. That oatmeal looks delicious. You’re motivating me to make it more often. I’ve been doing that pro-biotic kashi cereal lately because it’s so easy, but the only thing harder about making oatmeal is having to wash out a pot AND a bowl versus just a bowl. Have you had sunflower seed butter? SO good, but unfortunately most brands do add some cane sugar, so it’s not as healthy as plain almond butter, but it’s nice to switch it up sometimes.

  2. I have never even SEEN sunflower seed butter. Must keep my eyes open!

  3. I love all the food pics! I will be making some type of porridge this morning…..

  4. Sometimes you just have to have pizza, ya know?

    And really, what is it with men and frozen pizza? My man knows how to grill and smoke meat, make stir-fry, cook eggs and heat up a frozen pizza. That’s about it, but he’s the most “culinary” of his friends!

  5. I’ll have to look for sunflower seed butter the next time I go to the supermarket!

  6. Trader Joe’s definitely has sunflowerseed butter as does Whole Foods. Some of the mainstream stores do not, but it’s worth a check. Bonus…it’s a very low allergenic “butter” so kids can take it to school.

  7. I don’t have either one of those, Mon, but I will check my health food store next time I go. We had chocolate covered sunflower seeds at our wedding, I just love them!

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