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Monday, Monday. Gotta love em. Somehow, someway, I woke up earlier than I *have* to and still ended up running really late. Normally, I can everything I need to get done in about 45 minutes and still get to work on time, it seemed to be taking double that! Though I work in an environement that being a few late doesn’t really matter, I was still stressed. The breakfast was pretty typical for me. I had half a serving of hot grain cereal that has wheatberries, oats and bulgur topped with the last of the blueberries, ground flax seed and  almond butter. I also had a glass of milk and some water to take my morning vitamins.
a hearty breakfast

a hearty breakfast

The drive to work was horrendous, it was raining monsoon style the whole time. My commute is 40 minutes each way, thats alotta monsoon.  Once I arrived, it was pretty normal. I work for one of the countries best golf clubs and on Monday’s the club is closed. It’s just my boss, aka The Pro, my supervisor, aka T, and myself. We all work like busy little bees on Mondays because when the club is open, things get really out of controll sometimes. You would think in a leisurely industry the work pace would be the same. I assure you it is not, at least during the season.
Lunch on Monday’s is always The Pro’s choice. He seems to have some sort of complex about that, he insists every Monday on buying lunch. T thinks that it is because during normal club hours the staff is provided with free lunch of which T nor I partake. It is generally really heavy man food. Cheeseburgers, pizza, white pasta with white creamy sauces. So, on Monday he insists on taking care of us. Most of the time, his choice leaves plenty of healthy options and luckily yesterday was one of those days. He chose Firebird’s Rocky Mountain Grill
The Pro also decided that today he would pick up the lunch since he was going out anyway. I ordered the Mixed green salad with wood fired salmon. It has spring mix, jicama, tomatoes and a cilantro lime vinegarette. It is so good, one of my favorite Monday lunches.  
i puffy heart jicama
i puffy heart jicama 


Our lunch delivery also included a grande soy latte from Starbucks. Another one of those things he does that no one understands but we all appreciate. It was all mighty tasty though I think I drank too much of the latte, I normally get a tall but I think The Pro just likes to say the word grande :).

soy latte

soy latte

After lunch, the rest of the work day flew by as they always do during the season. I left without knowing what was on the menu for dinner. After a long discussion with dear husband on the phone, I decided that I would just cook whatever struck my fancy once I arrived home. It was a yoga night so I knew it needed to be quick. Once home, I was inspired by a jar of portabella mushroom sauce we bought at a local farm stand. I made some creamy polenta with parmesan, topped it with the sauce, some soy mozzarella and some fresh basil from the deck garden.  I served it with a simple green salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It was delightful, I think the basil made it.  

a quick weeknight meal

a quick weeknight meal


After dinner we watched Army Wives that was on the dvr and then headed off to yoga. Yoga class was great, the normal instructor was out and Sonja was there in her place. Sonja is the one who really gets you sweating. There is just something about her flows that you know you are getting an instense session. It is probably the sweat that is dripping all over the place. Though last night, she took it easy on us. There was a beginner in the class, only one yoga class ever and she had never even heard of vinyasa.  After yoga, we checked out Sonja’s new Smart Car and then headed home.

When I got home, I chatted with Monica about her teleclass tonight on cravings. I’m so excited for it, I hope to learn a lot about why I crave the things I do and how to battle those cravings. After our chat,  I caught up on blog reading, my secret hobby and then off to bed I went. 5:30 comes early, ya know!


4 Responses

  1. Hi. I just found your blog and it’s great.

    I just started my own blog and would like to add you to my blogroll. Let me know if that’s okay and please check out my blog.


  2. Can anyone in wordpress land tell me why the spaces I am putting between paragraphs aren’t showing up?

  3. those blueberries look so good! shockingly i’ve never added them to my oats before, i’ll definitely have to give that a try. Also I don’t know if i’ve ever had jicama. I’m sure I have in some form but never anything specific enough for me to remember. I’m adding it to my list of ‘must have soon’ foods, which seems to grow daily after reading all these food blogs ; )

  4. phew. I missed that yoga class 🙂 I can’t wait until I get to go again next week! I’m enjoying your blog so much! I ❤ the pics *droooool*

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